A little bit about me!

Good morning everyone or afternoon or even night by the time your reading this! So first im a 20 year old mother with a 2 year old daughter. I attended high school until 2 days before i gave birth (in February) and then took online classes to finish off the year and then graduate. I then took 2 years of college in the health field both in different areas only to find out that this was not the direction i wanted to head in. I have been off of school since march and find myself in a really tough place as i have a large student debt and nothing to show for it. This is what is frustrating me the most. I was in school for the first 2 years of my daughters life and it didn’t get me anywhere.

A long with this i deal with severe anxiety issues. It got to the point where i didn’t even want to leave my house! I just wanted to stay home and be by myself with my daughter. My relationship with her father is rocky to say the least. He is still semi-involved in her life, and i have always tried my hardest to give them an amazing relationship. Anyways to get to the point dealing with this anxiety has been a huge struggle especially this past year. And this is why i’m taking the opportunity to try and find a work from home job. I will make a whole separate post about this opportunity but it has to do with selling products on eBay and amazon.I will attach a few links below showing where i started my research to sell on amazon and eBay. I will also make a post about dealing with my anxiety.

I found this first post very helpful as it shows different platforms and things to consider when selling your stuff.


Amazon FBA has also been an interest for me as you can do so many things with it! This is a site that shows about shopping at thrift stores to turn back and make a profit off of them from amazon/ eBay.


I just want to point out that i am no where near making this work from home opportunity a steady income. I have only started it about 3 weeks ago and have been learning as i go!

See You Soon, Jamie ❤


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