Mommy things! – Projects!

Hey everyone! Lately ive been feeling like i have so many projects on the go and i just want to tell you all about them!! All of these projects are something i enjoy doing and its so hard to find time for all of them as well as be a full time stay at home mommy!

So my first project has been my work from home ebay and amazon business! I am enjoying being on ebay so much! I love finding thrift store treasures and putting them out there for the world. Ive learned so much from the business side as well as the fun side and im hoping to turn this into a steady income in the near future! Stay tuned as my next post will be all about my first month on ebay and amazon! 

My next project is refinishing furniture! About 2 weeks ago i was driving home one day and i saw an old patio table and chair on the side of the road. My creative mind just exploded. I started thinking about all the things i could do with it. So i grabed it and have been working on it when i get the chance! Stay tuned for my post on it because its deff been one heck of a project. Its been a lot harder then i thought itd be but i have learned a lot from this one and am very excited to try more!

My last 2 projects sort of go together. Of course i have this blog and i love writing to you all and telling you things about my life and parenting and i also love hearing your thoughts on things as well and interacting. Which is why i have decided to start writing a book. I have gotten the lead on possibly publishing an ebook. Its going to be all about the joys and struggles of teen parenting and i really hope to reach out to people along the way! But i will for sure keep you updated on this one because im VERY excited and am hoping to release it sometime in early 2016!! 

i feel as though im constantly busy working on my projects and im so excited for what the future holds for them! If you have any tips or even projects of your own youd like to share please leave a comment as id love to see what your up to as well ! Thats all for now, see you soon, Jamie<3


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