Summer adventure! 

As summer is slowly coming to an end i find myself laying here on a friday looking back at all of the adventures we have had. Although i havent done nearly as much traveling as the previous 2 summers with brook this has truely been the best one yet! Brook is 2 and a half and i feel like she can do so much this year! She learned how to swim, shes riding a bike, she plays outside with the neighbourhood kids and soo much more! But what im really writing to tell you about is our experience at our local safari/ zoo. 

Now before we go any further i know there is people out there who dont agree with zoo’s and such but i truely feel like this has been an amazing learning experience for brook. Basically the majority of the animals are not in cages for the entire day! You get to drive your car through different paths to see all the different animals playing in there “areas.” Dont worry ill have lots of pictures at the end!

I just think its incredible that we are able to experience all these animals literally 15 minutes from my house! Its such a good learning experience for brook and i am so happy we purchased a season pass as we go once or twice a week! Each time theres something different for us to do and she had truely enjoyed it up until this point! I dont know what were going to do when the safari closes at the end of september! 

What do you guys like to do with your little ones? We are constantly looking for new things to do?! 

Until next time, jamie<3



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