Toddler Milestones!!

Hello everyone And welcome back to my blog! This weeks post is going to be a top up of last weeks conversations with my 2 year old! 

I had mentioned in my post that my daughter was giving me a VERY hard time going to bed at night and even for naps! Well im happy to say that the problem is solved and heres how! 


Thats right my almost 3 year old was still sleeping in her crib! She had never climbed out of it so i didnt see the problem with keeping her in it? I had been thinking about starting the transition around her third birthday(february). I was worried i was going to have a very hard time keeping her in the bed. But i found a deal on a brand new single bed that i could not pass up! I purchased her mattress, box spring and bed frame for only 100$ brand new! (Thank you back to school sales!)

I will leave some pictures of her bed below, but i bet you are all wondering how she did in her new bed! And to answer that she did AMAZING!! I was so worried and expected to be in for a looong ride! When we first started talking about the bed i got her soo excited for it! She kept saying how excited she was for her big girl bed! And once it was all put together she was even more excited!! I will admit i shed a few tears taking down her crib but she was ready! She told me “wow its perfect mommy i love it, thank you soo much! I had to make it very clear that she didnt leave her bed until morning when mommy came to wake ger up! 

And it worked. She has slept 2 full nights and 2 full naps through the night without leaving her bed, waking up or even falling out of the bed! Its been such an awesome experience and now we cuddle every night in her “big girl bed” 

I hope this is some positive insite on transitioning to a single bed and maybe even helped someone! See you all soon, Jamie<3 



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