Conversations With My 2 Year Old! – Week 3

Hello everyone, i hope your all having an awesome week! This weeks story comes from the bath tub! Yes you heard it right the bath tub! 

As a part of our nightly routines every night brook gets in the bath tub after dinner and tonight she decided to sit in the tub as the water drained. I didnt mind as i was getting stuff cleaned up. Until i turn around and brook is yellin down the drain “WATER COME BACK I NEED YOU!” Aha i died laughing! She layed there cor a good 5 minutes yelling the water to come back and then she finally turned to me and said “MOM GO GET HELP I NEED IT!”

I laughed so much at my little girl! The things she says are just amaxing. I absolutely love these stages of life and my baby is hust growing up so fast! Each week she continues to say more and more things learn more and just grow more everyday! I love that i am going to be able to look back on these and see all the cute things she says. 

I love posting these stories each week and i hope you all enjoy them! Id love to hear your stories aboutyour  children or any stories in general!

See you all soon, Jamie<3


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