Friday Night Rant…

Hello everyone, i’m going to start this off by saying i’m so sorry for being so MIA this past week and a half! My goal was to do 3 posts a week but this last week has been crazy. First off earlier this week my great aunt passed away and it was very hard on all of us as we were very close.

On top of that i had to call 911 for my mother as she fell and couldn’t get up. Thought she broke something so we called them. Turned out she pulled her hamstring but it has caused a large blood clot in her leg and will possibly need surgery.

To top it all of i’ve been having an ongoing coparenting issue that i just don’t see getting resolved any time soon.

I am working on getting a few posts prewritten tonight, more informational ones so hopefully i can put out more consistent posts. Thank you all for being so understanding and i will talk to you guys soon.

See you soon, Jamie


3 thoughts on “Friday Night Rant…

  1. Hey girl hope your okay I most likely will be making a tumblr soon when I get the chance maybe u can get one also so we can catch up I’m sorry for your loss🙏🏼 hope your mom is okay and will recover soon. I don’t use the mom chat it wasn’t very active like I though it’d be. You can email me though my email is


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