Anxiety Update—-

As most of you know i suffer from severe anxiety to the point it has stopped me from doing things. As i am sitting here today looking back on my day i feel like i have made a significant amount of progress in just one day!

First i went to the doctors office – So some of you are like yeah so? but for me that is a huge milestone! One of a huge triggers in my anxiety is attending appointments! I have a very nice doctor and once i am there i am find, but getting into that office is very hard. So today i overcame that and went to the doctors to talk about my anxiety! I have been given a few tools i’m hoping will help me out a bit.

Second i got some financial burdens figured out – I am currently unemployed but slowly building up a working from home business. I was able to pay off some debts and even get into the bank to get them all sorted out. Yet again going to the bank may be easy for you but for me it is a large fear that i was able to overcome.

I feel like opening up about my anxiety is making things so much easier. People just think i don’t want to work and i want to stay home and live on welfare for the rest of my life, but are you kidding me!!!! There is nothing more that i would rather do then go to work and pay off my debts, move out of my mothers house and into a place i can call my own, give my daughter everything and anything she can possibly imagine.

So like i said yes those small tasks may seem stupid, but i got help! That is the most important thing i want everyone to take out of this post. I seeked help and finally felt like someone was on my side. I put a plan into place and i’m going to continue to work towards my goals both long term and short!

I will beat this anxiety and i will overcome everything i need to in order to give my daughter and i the best life i possibly can!

Thanks for listening, See you soon, Jamie ❤


Conversations With My 2 Year Old – Fair and Thanksgiving Weekend!!!!

Well this weekend has been a SUPER busy weekend! It is thanksgiving here in Canada So happy thanksgiving everyone! We also had a huge fair on this weekend in town and decided to go to that 2 of the days. And on top of that i decided to attempt to make my very first turkey dinner!

So brooks first fair was a huge success! She had so much fun and i’m so happy she got to go. She was a champ on all of the rides and just kept wanting to go on more and more! I am so fortunate to be able to do this for her and i look forward to carrying on more traditions just like i did as a child! When i was younger we used to go to the fair every thanksgiving weekend and then we’d have a turkey dinner at my grandmas on the monday!

This thanksgiving i decided to cook a turkey myself! Since my grandmother passed away we have yet to ever have a thanksgiving dinner. So lets just say the turkey was definetely and experience! The worst part was preparing the turkey. Lets just say it turned my stomach… And i honestly debated continuing but i knew i had to do this or we weren’t going to have a thanksgiving dinner! So i ended up making turkey, potatos, stuffing, corn, cranberries and a fresh pumpkin pie! I wish i had taken pictures of it because i was so proud that i did this for my family.

Heres a few pictures from the fair! This weekend was full of “baby daddy drama” which i won’t be getting into in this post, but spending it with the ones you love is truly the best feeling ever!

See You Soon, Jamie ❤


First Month Working on Ebay and Amazon!!!!

Well here it is everyone the long awaited post about my first month working on eBay and amazon!

So to start off it has been a very big learning month for me! I spent many many nights on the computer figuring out what would sell, how to sell how to take pictures, etc! I red a lot of blogs and watched a ton of youtube videos! I have been focusing on eBay for the most part because i find it much easier to work with, although i did have a few sales through amazon as well.

When i first made the decision to sell on eBay i immediately went and raided the thrift stores! I took the scanning apps on my phone (the eBay and amazon seller app) and researched everything while i was shopping to see what i could bring in the most profit with. This became very overwelming! The thrift stores around here are pretty big and i just found i didn’t know where to start. So i purchased some odd items such as games, clothes purses and toys. I have had some success through them but found that i wasn’t getting much profit because i had to use the money i made to go purchase new inventory. Thats when i really started researching and found the best place to start building up your inventory is your own home! Thats right the average family of 4 has over 2000$ worth of items they no longer use or need. So i started digging around and have sold some toys and some clothes. Then a family friend gave me 3 large garbage bags full of brand named clothes and i started to list them as well. Sounds pretty good right!

Well heres the part that got a little tricky. eBay has seller limits, meaning as a new seller your only allowed to list and sell so much until you built up a reputation and they will be increased. So i could only sell/list 20 items or make 2000$ whichever comes first. So i reached my 20 items and could no longer list for the month. Now my limits have been increased and i can list up to 60 items of 4000$ whichever comes first and it will be reevaluated at the end of next month.

So to sum this up i have been doing fairly good with eBay and i am looking forward to increasing my limits and being able to make more profit this month. I am working on an inventory spreadsheet which will shop me how much profit i actually made and i will be sure to give you guys a ball park number once i have that finished.

Now onto amazon! I find amazon much not strict and you don’t have the freedom to customize your listings as you please. You have to use an already made listing and compete with others selling that item through price. So i sold 2 textbooks through amazon and that has been the only luck i have had with them last month.

I am researching something called “Amazon FBA” which is where you list items send them into an amazon warehouse and they store them for you. Most people do this and seem to have quite the success rate! So it is definitely something i will be looking into in the upcoming month.

One of the main cons i have found with amazon and eBay is once an item is purchased the funds are not automatically released into your bank account. It can take 2-3 weeks which was hard at first because i was investing money that wasn’t coming back quick enough! So i am trying to be a lot more careful in regards to that.

I am going to link 2 youtube channels that have really helped me out on my journey so far!

The first lady is a mother who works full time selling through amazon and eBay. She also homeschool her children and still makes a full time income. I encourage you to check her out for lots of information!

The next is a young couple. The man sells on eBay/amazon full time and i believe the wife may have another job but also helps the husband out as well. They have been very helpful as well.

So i hope this post has been informative in some ways. I am by no means an expert at this. This is just my experience in my first month. I will say i have had a few set backs as my internet was out for 2 full weeks which made it almost impossible to list so i’m hoping to have a much better outcome this month. I really encourage people to look into this as it can be a hobby or a full time job. Or even if you want to do your spring cleaning and list stuff you don’t want. People can be very successful and i’m so excited for this next month. See you all soon, Jamie ❤

Conversations with my 2 year old! – week 2

So this weeks topic has kind of made things a little difficult but i will get to that because this story is short but just to cute not to share! 

A few nights ago i was laying in my bed about 2 hours after brook had laid down for the night and i hear “i love you mommy!” Immediately this melted my heart! It was just perfect so i said back “i love you to baby!” And she said “mommy can i come snuggle with you!” I had to i couldnt say no! Normally i never get her outta bed but i couldnt pass up the chance to snuggle with my baby! 

But it has led to some issues! Everytime i go to lay her down for her nap or bed time she fights it! Like i means really fights it! She screams and kicks and screams some more. I really hope its a phase cuz its very stressful. I love how much she wants to snuggle but she is not ready to give up her naps yet and neither am i! Praying for a much easier week this week!

Stay tuned for my post about my first month on ebay! It has been such a great process so far and im looking forward to another amazing month! The post is scheduled to go up on wednesday!!

See you all soon, jamie ❤

Mommy things! – Projects!

Hey everyone! Lately ive been feeling like i have so many projects on the go and i just want to tell you all about them!! All of these projects are something i enjoy doing and its so hard to find time for all of them as well as be a full time stay at home mommy!

So my first project has been my work from home ebay and amazon business! I am enjoying being on ebay so much! I love finding thrift store treasures and putting them out there for the world. Ive learned so much from the business side as well as the fun side and im hoping to turn this into a steady income in the near future! Stay tuned as my next post will be all about my first month on ebay and amazon! 

My next project is refinishing furniture! About 2 weeks ago i was driving home one day and i saw an old patio table and chair on the side of the road. My creative mind just exploded. I started thinking about all the things i could do with it. So i grabed it and have been working on it when i get the chance! Stay tuned for my post on it because its deff been one heck of a project. Its been a lot harder then i thought itd be but i have learned a lot from this one and am very excited to try more!

My last 2 projects sort of go together. Of course i have this blog and i love writing to you all and telling you things about my life and parenting and i also love hearing your thoughts on things as well and interacting. Which is why i have decided to start writing a book. I have gotten the lead on possibly publishing an ebook. Its going to be all about the joys and struggles of teen parenting and i really hope to reach out to people along the way! But i will for sure keep you updated on this one because im VERY excited and am hoping to release it sometime in early 2016!! 

i feel as though im constantly busy working on my projects and im so excited for what the future holds for them! If you have any tips or even projects of your own youd like to share please leave a comment as id love to see what your up to as well ! Thats all for now, see you soon, Jamie<3

A little bit about me!

Good morning everyone or afternoon or even night by the time your reading this! So first im a 20 year old mother with a 2 year old daughter. I attended high school until 2 days before i gave birth (in February) and then took online classes to finish off the year and then graduate. I then took 2 years of college in the health field both in different areas only to find out that this was not the direction i wanted to head in. I have been off of school since march and find myself in a really tough place as i have a large student debt and nothing to show for it. This is what is frustrating me the most. I was in school for the first 2 years of my daughters life and it didn’t get me anywhere.

A long with this i deal with severe anxiety issues. It got to the point where i didn’t even want to leave my house! I just wanted to stay home and be by myself with my daughter. My relationship with her father is rocky to say the least. He is still semi-involved in her life, and i have always tried my hardest to give them an amazing relationship. Anyways to get to the point dealing with this anxiety has been a huge struggle especially this past year. And this is why i’m taking the opportunity to try and find a work from home job. I will make a whole separate post about this opportunity but it has to do with selling products on eBay and amazon.I will attach a few links below showing where i started my research to sell on amazon and eBay. I will also make a post about dealing with my anxiety.

I found this first post very helpful as it shows different platforms and things to consider when selling your stuff.

Amazon FBA has also been an interest for me as you can do so many things with it! This is a site that shows about shopping at thrift stores to turn back and make a profit off of them from amazon/ eBay.

I just want to point out that i am no where near making this work from home opportunity a steady income. I have only started it about 3 weeks ago and have been learning as i go!

See You Soon, Jamie ❤