Have you heard of Qriket

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All Things Mommy:)

“The Journey of 1000 miles begins with the very first step”


So i would first lie to point out that i at blogging. i have so many ideas to share yet have such a hard time putting them out there! But i have completed one full month of clean eating and working out daily! i am so proud of how far i have come and can’t wait to share it. My blog is going to be taking a newer direction taking into account all of the new changes i have made to my lifestyle!

First change will be having a lot more to do with fitness and the journey i’m currently on. i will share progress recipes and much more along the way!

Second thing will be my life as a whole. A few months ago i mentioned wanting to start working from home. Although that is my biggest goal in life it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. So in the next couple of weeks i will be looking for a job as well as doing the work from home on the side. i am planning on moving into my own place with my daughter in the next few months and for that i need a steady income.

i will also still be keeping the all things mommy outlook.i am a mother and that won’t be changing so i will have lots to share along the way.

So i loo forward to interacting with everyone and i hope you all enjoy what i have to share!