Mommy problems…

How come whenever my child gets sick theres a 98% chance i will get sick to.. Unfortunatly this week i am not apart of that 2 percent..

We live in canada and currently the weather cannot make up its mind. 2 weeks ago we had the air on and then last week we had to turn the heat on it was so cold.. 

WTF Canada!! Get it together! It feels like everyones getting sick due to this rapid weather change..  I never get sick and so when i do its pretty much the end of the world.. (In my head atleast) 

Oh and of course did i mention my daughter was only sick for about 24 hours and im now going on day 3!! Yep #momlife

See you soon, Jamie ❤


App’s You Can Make Money From!!

Hey everyone, so i figured as most of us are probably mommy’s and some of us are even stay at home mom’s id share some apps i’ve found the can make you some extra money. This will by no means take the place of a full income, but if your bored or if you are just looking for something to do then this may be for you!

You will need a smart phone and possibly a computer for some apps!

I also want to point out before i begin that i live in Canada so these apps work in Canada. I will try to find what other countries they work in as i know most of you are from the US! I also have an iPhone so some apps may not be available for android but i will try my best to find out as well!

Field Agent – This app pays you to do small tasks at local stores near you. Tasks can range from different prices and in different locations each time. It can be free to complete the task or sometimes there is a purchase required. This app is available for iPhones and androids and is available in Canada and the united stated! (I am not sure about other countries)

Qriket – Qriket is an app that gives you a chance to win money by spinning a wheel. Basically you just watch a short ad and then it gives you a “free spin” then you choose either blue or yellow and if the wheel lands on the color you choose then you win the amount of money shown. I have never won more then 10 cents so it isn’t a huge money maker but over time this can really add up. This app is available in Canada and the United States for iPhone. It is not yet available for android but there is a waiting list on Facebook so i am assuming that means it should be out soon!

App Trailer & Perk Tv – These two apps are generally the same. You watch videos/ads and you earn points. The points can then be used to redeem prizes such as gift cards to various stores or just Paypal gift cards which you can deposit into your bank account. I personally do not use these apps as i find their kind of a pain but i have red many reviews of people using these for legit pocket money. Both of these apps are available in Canada and the United States and are available for both iPhone and Android.

Checkout 51, Zweet & Snap by Groupon – These 3 apps are a little different as you don’t make money directly from them but off what you have already purchased. They each have “Special” products on each week and if you purchase that product from the grocery store you upload a picture of your receipt and it gives you some money back. The amount given back varies for each item but it is essentially like a rebate! Why not make money for house hold essentials you have to buy anyway! All three of these apps are available in Canada and the United States and are available for both iPhone and Android.

Here are a few more i found while looking but aren’t available in canada so i wasn’t able to try them:

ibbota, Cartwheel by target, Gigwalk and Shopkick.

That’s is for now i know there is SOO many more but these are a few i’ve found in my travels. I really like these kinds of posts so i am going to be doing one about sites to make money from. I hope this helps someone. Even just gives you something to do while your bored!

See you soon, Jamie<3

Conversations With My 2 Year Old – Week 5 FROZEN OBSESSED!

So i’m a day late on my conversations with my two year old post but that is because my sales are really starting to pick up! But that’s no excuse so heres the story. Basically my child is exactly what the title says, frozen obsessed!

On Saturday she was taking a nap with grandma. When she decided it was time to wake up she rolled over pryed my mom’s eyes open and said “do you want to build a snow man!” Now of course this is just hilarious but can you imagine being woken up from a sleep to that!

Then on sunday she was outside playing and she ran up to me and said “mom, it’s coronation day!” and then ran away. When i went to follow her out to the back yard she was standing at the top of the slide yelling “in summer!!!” and some other mumbles that sounded like the rest of olaf’s song.

For those of you that have never seen the movie you probably have no idea what i am talking about, but if you have children then you can probably relate on so many levels to this! She has always loved the movie but i think as she gets older she is now fully understanding it and singing the songs. Man is she cute! I love listening to her sing and say these funny quotes. I hope this gave everyone a nice laugh as well.

I am hoping this week is a much better week then last, i have so many things to do and am completely decluttering the house! Starting with the bedrooms so stay tuned for that!

See you soon, Jamie ❤

Conversations With My 2 Year Old! – Week 3

Hello everyone, i hope your all having an awesome week! This weeks story comes from the bath tub! Yes you heard it right the bath tub! 

As a part of our nightly routines every night brook gets in the bath tub after dinner and tonight she decided to sit in the tub as the water drained. I didnt mind as i was getting stuff cleaned up. Until i turn around and brook is yellin down the drain “WATER COME BACK I NEED YOU!” Aha i died laughing! She layed there cor a good 5 minutes yelling the water to come back and then she finally turned to me and said “MOM GO GET HELP I NEED IT!”

I laughed so much at my little girl! The things she says are just amaxing. I absolutely love these stages of life and my baby is hust growing up so fast! Each week she continues to say more and more things learn more and just grow more everyday! I love that i am going to be able to look back on these and see all the cute things she says. 

I love posting these stories each week and i hope you all enjoy them! Id love to hear your stories aboutyour  children or any stories in general!

See you all soon, Jamie<3

Relationship After A Baby – part one

hey everyone! So i figured this is a topic that young moms struggle with and even though my daughter is 2 i am still struggling and expect to for the next 16 years. 

So for a little backstory i was with my daughters father for about 8-10 months before i got pregnant. I was having troubles at home and he was my shoulder to lean on. And i ended up staying with him for a few months. This made my relationship woth my mother VERY rocky! So in about june of 2012 i took a test and ding ding ding it was positive! Obviously i was very scared but i told him and as scared as he was he was supportive. We had talked about other option but i knew no matter what i had to have this baby i couldnt do anything else. So everything started out great we were close and he was very supportive. As the pregnancy went on about half way theough we became distant. We were both working full time in order to save up for the baby as well as completing school. 

Fast forward on February 2nd 2013 we had a beautiful baby girl! Everything was amazing he was there all the time it was perfect. We were the perfect little family. After a few months of “perfect” things got rocky. 

From june 2013 til may 2015 things were up and down. He is always very good with our daughter but being your daughters friend isnt everything. I was so brain washed into wanting the perfect family that i convinced myself i was happy and it caused more harm then good. I really wanted a life as this perfect family but deep down knew it would never happen. 

In may 2015 we “broke up” and i will explain in a bit why that is in quotations. We got into a large fight over childish crap. After days of crying i came to realize that i am so much happier on my own. I deserve so much better. I still love him and i probably always will because hes the father of my little girl but there is no perfect family and there probably never was. And it hurts so much that it took 3 years to realize that. 

And now here we are today. The reason broke up was in quotes is because we still act like we are together when were physically together. Its like things are okay when really their not. Half the time we fight and half the time everything is okay. I think its going to take me a while to distance myself from him that way but baby steps right. 

So i know this only generally talked about my relationship and trust me there is soooo much more but the moral of this is just because you have a baby together does not mean you have to be together. And no matter how much you love him if he doesnt want to change he wont.. 

I really would like to hear if any of you are single moms! I want to connect and hear your story. I am trying to find a messaging app or way we could talk so leave a comment if you have any ideas! 

Thank you all for reading, See you soon, Jamie<3

Conversations with my 2 year old! – week 2

So this weeks topic has kind of made things a little difficult but i will get to that because this story is short but just to cute not to share! 

A few nights ago i was laying in my bed about 2 hours after brook had laid down for the night and i hear “i love you mommy!” Immediately this melted my heart! It was just perfect so i said back “i love you to baby!” And she said “mommy can i come snuggle with you!” I had to i couldnt say no! Normally i never get her outta bed but i couldnt pass up the chance to snuggle with my baby! 

But it has led to some issues! Everytime i go to lay her down for her nap or bed time she fights it! Like i means really fights it! She screams and kicks and screams some more. I really hope its a phase cuz its very stressful. I love how much she wants to snuggle but she is not ready to give up her naps yet and neither am i! Praying for a much easier week this week!

Stay tuned for my post about my first month on ebay! It has been such a great process so far and im looking forward to another amazing month! The post is scheduled to go up on wednesday!!

See you all soon, jamie ❤

Summer adventure! 

As summer is slowly coming to an end i find myself laying here on a friday looking back at all of the adventures we have had. Although i havent done nearly as much traveling as the previous 2 summers with brook this has truely been the best one yet! Brook is 2 and a half and i feel like she can do so much this year! She learned how to swim, shes riding a bike, she plays outside with the neighbourhood kids and soo much more! But what im really writing to tell you about is our experience at our local safari/ zoo. 

Now before we go any further i know there is people out there who dont agree with zoo’s and such but i truely feel like this has been an amazing learning experience for brook. Basically the majority of the animals are not in cages for the entire day! You get to drive your car through different paths to see all the different animals playing in there “areas.” Dont worry ill have lots of pictures at the end!

I just think its incredible that we are able to experience all these animals literally 15 minutes from my house! Its such a good learning experience for brook and i am so happy we purchased a season pass as we go once or twice a week! Each time theres something different for us to do and she had truely enjoyed it up until this point! I dont know what were going to do when the safari closes at the end of september! 

What do you guys like to do with your little ones? We are constantly looking for new things to do?! 

Until next time, jamie<3