Relationship After A Baby – part one

hey everyone! So i figured this is a topic that young moms struggle with and even though my daughter is 2 i am still struggling and expect to for the next 16 years. 

So for a little backstory i was with my daughters father for about 8-10 months before i got pregnant. I was having troubles at home and he was my shoulder to lean on. And i ended up staying with him for a few months. This made my relationship woth my mother VERY rocky! So in about june of 2012 i took a test and ding ding ding it was positive! Obviously i was very scared but i told him and as scared as he was he was supportive. We had talked about other option but i knew no matter what i had to have this baby i couldnt do anything else. So everything started out great we were close and he was very supportive. As the pregnancy went on about half way theough we became distant. We were both working full time in order to save up for the baby as well as completing school. 

Fast forward on February 2nd 2013 we had a beautiful baby girl! Everything was amazing he was there all the time it was perfect. We were the perfect little family. After a few months of “perfect” things got rocky. 

From june 2013 til may 2015 things were up and down. He is always very good with our daughter but being your daughters friend isnt everything. I was so brain washed into wanting the perfect family that i convinced myself i was happy and it caused more harm then good. I really wanted a life as this perfect family but deep down knew it would never happen. 

In may 2015 we “broke up” and i will explain in a bit why that is in quotations. We got into a large fight over childish crap. After days of crying i came to realize that i am so much happier on my own. I deserve so much better. I still love him and i probably always will because hes the father of my little girl but there is no perfect family and there probably never was. And it hurts so much that it took 3 years to realize that. 

And now here we are today. The reason broke up was in quotes is because we still act like we are together when were physically together. Its like things are okay when really their not. Half the time we fight and half the time everything is okay. I think its going to take me a while to distance myself from him that way but baby steps right. 

So i know this only generally talked about my relationship and trust me there is soooo much more but the moral of this is just because you have a baby together does not mean you have to be together. And no matter how much you love him if he doesnt want to change he wont.. 

I really would like to hear if any of you are single moms! I want to connect and hear your story. I am trying to find a messaging app or way we could talk so leave a comment if you have any ideas! 

Thank you all for reading, See you soon, Jamie<3